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This mural, entitled Broken Barriers, honors Dr. Garcia’s life, legacy, and widespread impact.

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In a 1972 meeting at the Corpus Christi airport, Dr. Garcia and vice presidential candidate Sargent Shriver discuss the problems facing Mexican Americans.

Dr. Garcia wanted the government to recognize the sacrifice and bravery of soldiers from minority groups. In this photograph, he poses with Latino Medal of Honor recipients.

Dr. Garcia and his sister, Dr. Clotilde Garcia, are pictured together in the office at their Corpus Christi medical practice.

In this 1977 photograph, Dr. Garcia and his sister Clotilde protest the murder of Jose Campos Torres and the light sentences his police assailants received.

President Ronald Reagan is pictured here with Dr. Garcia at the 1983 AGIF convention in El Paso.

Dr. Garcia’s involvement in presidential campaigns continued into the 1990s. Here, he shakes hands with candidate Bill Clinton.

A large group of students and parents participate in a 1972 school segregation protest led by Dr. Garcia.

Dr. Garcia speaks at an event marking his donation to the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Bell Library.

In 1989, Dr. Garcia visited Private Longoria’s gravesite to honor the man who spurred him to start a movement.
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