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Dr. Garcia is photographed after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom at the White House with Wanda, daughters Cecilia, Susie, and Daisy, and Cecilia’s husband Jim Akers.

In 1965, Dr. Garcia received Panama’s Orden de Vasco Nunez de Balboa award for his exemplary diplomatic work.

Dr. Garcia proudly wears the Presidential Medal of Freedom in this photograph with his wife Wanda.

Dr. Garcia shakes hands with President Reagan during his Presidential Medal of Freedom award ceremony at the White House.

Dr. Garcia (far left) meets with fellow members of the USCCR. The watchdog commission investigated allegations of discrimination based on color, race, religion, or national origin.

In 1961, President Kennedy appointed Dr. Garcia to a delegation that attended a treaty signing with the West Indies. In this photograph Kennedy meets with the delegates in the Oval Office.

Dr. Garcia and his sister Clotilde participate in a march to demand rights for farm workers.

The AGIF expanded to California in 1956. Here, members gather in Los Angeles for the 11th annual AGIF convention.

Dr. Garcia’s family attended many American GI Forum (AGIF) functions. Here, he poses with Cecilia, Hector Jr., Wanda, and Daisy at the AGIF’s 1959 convention.

In 1957, a Colorado AGIF chapter peacefully resolved a racist incident when it held a ceremony to reconcile with the offending organization. The incident epitomized the AGIF’s thoughtful approach to conflict.
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