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Dr. Garcia was instrumental in organizing Viva Kennedy clubs that supported the candidacy of John F. Kennedy. He later led Viva Johnson clubs that backed Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

This mural, entitled Broken Barriers, honors Dr. Garcia’s life, legacy, and widespread impact.

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The AGIF provided crucial support for a 1954 Supreme Court case, Hernandez v. Texas, which struck down legislation that prevented Mexican Americans from serving on grand juries. The attorneys in the case are shown here.

In 1972, Dr. Garcia was arrested after he refused to vacate a school where he was staging a sit-in to protest segregation.

The AGIF expanded to California in 1956. Here, members gather in Los Angeles for the 11th annual AGIF convention.

In 1957, a Colorado AGIF chapter peacefully resolved a racist incident when it held a ceremony to reconcile with the offending organization. The incident epitomized the AGIF’s thoughtful approach to conflict.

AGIF members present a check to the family of Guadalupe Vera. Direct support was one of many ways AGIF chapters aided the poor in their communities.

In this video clip, Dr. Garcia visits and documents the conditions in one of Texas’ colonias.

This AGIF flyer alerts Mexican Americans to the 1949 Texas poll tax deadline.

This AGIF flyer advertises a rally to address the fact that over 110,000 Latino children in Texas were not enrolled in school.
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