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Dr. Garcia advocated personally for the people who came to him for help. In this letter, he requests a delay in deployment for the son of a sick patient.

This document is a transcription, in English, of Dr. Garcia’s statement to the UN General Assembly.

Senator Johnson responded to Dr. Garcia’s appeals with this telegram. He arranged for Private Longoria to be buried with full military honors.

This flyer implores people to protest the bigotry of the funeral home that refused to host a service for Private Longoria. The massive 1949 protest brought national attention to the AGIF.

In his quest to honor Private Longoria, Dr. Garcia reached out to Senator Lyndon B. Johnson (D-TX) to explain the situation and urge action.

Dr. Garcia was a crusader for education even before he founded the AGIF. In this 1947 document, he speaks passionately about the importance of education.

In 1972, Dr. Garcia was arrested after he refused to vacate a school where he was staging a sit-in to protest segregation.

Dr. Garcia promoted equal treatment for all those serving in the armed forces. In 1948, he wrote to the local draft board protesting discrimination against Spanish-speaking draftees.

Dr. Garcia was instrumental in organizing Viva Kennedy clubs that supported the candidacy of John F. Kennedy. He later led Viva Johnson clubs that backed Lyndon B. Johnson in 1964.

In this letter, a member of Kennedy’s campaign team thanks Dr. Garcia for all of his work on behalf of the 1960 Kennedy-Johnson ticket.
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