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President Ronald Reagan is pictured here with Dr. Garcia at the 1983 AGIF convention in El Paso.

The AGIF expanded to California in 1956. Here, members gather in Los Angeles for the 11th annual AGIF convention.

Dr. Garcia’s family attended many American GI Forum (AGIF) functions. Here, he poses with Cecilia, Hector Jr., Wanda, and Daisy at the AGIF’s 1959 convention.

In 1957, a Colorado AGIF chapter peacefully resolved a racist incident when it held a ceremony to reconcile with the offending organization. The incident epitomized the AGIF’s thoughtful approach to conflict.

The AGIF welcomed the participation of women, who formed auxiliary chapters. Here Dr. Garcia greets Claudina Garza, who established a chapter in Chicago.

AGIF members present a check to the family of Guadalupe Vera. Direct support was one of many ways AGIF chapters aided the poor in their communities.

The AGIF provided crucial support for a 1954 Supreme Court case, Hernandez v. Texas, which struck down legislation that prevented Mexican Americans from serving on grand juries. The attorneys in the case are shown here.

This portrait of Dr. Garcia captures many of his proudest accomplishments, including his medical practice, the AGIF, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The AGIF’s annual conventions attracted high-profile guests. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy attended the 1964 Chicago convention.

Dr. Garcia (left), President Johnson, and AGIF chairmen Augustin Flores and Corky Gonzales pose for a photograph outside the White House.
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