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A large group of students and parents participate in a 1972 school segregation protest led by Dr. Garcia.

Dr. Garcia’s father, Jose Garcia, wrote the children’s book Lea y Escriba, which translates to “Read and Write.” Jose dedicated much of his time to educating his own children.

In this audio recording, Dr. Garcia accepts an award from the National Hispanic University, speaking at length on the importance of education.

This AGIF flyer advertises a rally to address the fact that over 110,000 Latino children in Texas were not enrolled in school.

After the AGIF helped put an end to discrimination at their Texas high school, two members of the Junior GI Forum sent this letter of thanks to Dr. Garcia.

This poster advertises an exhibit of Dr. Garcia’s papers on display at the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Bell Library.

In 1972, Dr. Garcia was arrested after he refused to vacate a school where he was staging a sit-in to protest segregation.

Dr. Garcia was a crusader for education even before he founded the AGIF. In this 1947 document, he speaks passionately about the importance of education.
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