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In this 1977 photograph, Dr. Garcia and his sister Clotilde protest the murder of Jose Campos Torres and the light sentences his police assailants received.

A large group of students and parents participate in a 1972 school segregation protest led by Dr. Garcia.

Dr. Garcia and his sister Clotilde participate in a march to demand rights for farm workers.

In this 1972 letter, labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez thanks Dr. Garcia for his support of a nationwide protest on behalf of farm workers.

In 1972, Dr. Garcia was arrested after he refused to vacate a school where he was staging a sit-in to protest segregation.

This flyer implores people to protest the bigotry of the funeral home that refused to host a service for Private Longoria. The massive 1949 protest brought national attention to the AGIF.
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