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In this 1977 photograph, Dr. Garcia and his sister Clotilde protest the murder of Jose Campos Torres and the light sentences his police assailants received.

A large group of students and parents participate in a 1972 school segregation protest led by Dr. Garcia.

Dr. Garcia (far left) meets with fellow members of the USCCR. The watchdog commission investigated allegations of discrimination based on color, race, religion, or national origin.

In 1957, a Colorado AGIF chapter peacefully resolved a racist incident when it held a ceremony to reconcile with the offending organization. The incident epitomized the AGIF’s thoughtful approach to conflict.

The AGIF provided crucial support for a 1954 Supreme Court case, Hernandez v. Texas, which struck down legislation that prevented Mexican Americans from serving on grand juries. The attorneys in the case are shown here.

This article explores the legacy of the Private Longoria controversy. The incident is considered a milestone in the Mexican American civil rights struggle.

This newspaper article announces Dr. Garcia’s appointment to the USCCR, noting that he would be the first Mexican American to serve on the commission.

Dr. Garcia spoke out against the racism he witnessed in his community, calling attention to issues like police discrimination and brutality.

The EEOC fielded discrimination complaints like this one, in which Daniel Acuna alleges that his employer paid him a lower hourly rate because of his Latino heritage.

This EEOC flyer informs Spanish speakers of their rights under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Executive Order 11246, which prohibited discriminatory employment practices among government contractors.
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