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Dr. Garcia wanted the government to recognize the sacrifice and bravery of soldiers from minority groups. In this photograph, he poses with Latino Medal of Honor recipients.

In 1989, Dr. Garcia visited Private Longoria’s gravesite to honor the man who spurred him to start a movement.

Dr. Garcia organized a fundraiser to pay for the Longoria family’s travel expenses, ensuring they could attend the funeral at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

This article explores the legacy of the Private Longoria controversy. The incident is considered a milestone in the Mexican American civil rights struggle.

This newspaper article announces the March 26, 1948 meeting for veterans that resulted in the creation of the AGIF.

The AGIF made funeral arrangements for soldiers killed overseas.

In this letter, the Barrera family thanks Dr. Garcia and the AGIF for honoring the sacrifice of their son, a private killed in Vietnam.

In this letter to members of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Dr. Garcia announces the creation of the AGIF and describes many of the problems facing veterans in South Texas.

The AGIF Constitution outlines the organization’s principles and goals, stating its dedication to all veterans “regardless of race, color, or creed.”

Dr. Garcia promoted equal treatment for all those serving in the armed forces. In 1948, he wrote to the local draft board protesting discrimination against Spanish-speaking draftees.
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